25 Jun

I have dogs and cats all my life. The people to whom I gave my name always had unique, humorous names, many of which were named after characters from mythology or classical literature. When I let someone else call, I often wanted to get up and down the street at home, when I slept at night. You like to read this article on female puppy names here https://dognamesinfo.com/female-dog-names/ .

Before naming your pet, you need to think how to call it public. By far the worst nickname is "Fart", named after an eight-year-old boy who thought it was the biggest joke ever.

When I visit Dog Park, I get an amazing range of animal names. Here are dogs named Bob, Charlie and Angus. These names are fun and sometimes associated with gender. If you call your dog Bob, no one will be offended even if he has his own name Bob. However, beware of people's names. My little dog "Emma" had to name her "Mia", when my son was serious about a girl named Emma.

There are also "high society" names for dogs and cats on display, often with the phrase "somewhere". Of course, this should impress the judges with an impressive heritage of animals. The name itself proves that the dog or cat in question deserves the "best show".

Most of us have no intention of showing or breeding animals. We want a family pet that is just one, except four legs. If Dodge or Susie is the good name of one of our children, there is no reason for the dog or cat name to be more imaginary. If a dog or Susie is named after a preferred parent, the same rule does not apply to a family dog. Grandpa Doug will not be affected.

Dogs do not speak the language very well, so the name should be abbreviated with a maximum of two letters. This is all you can understand. An accent is appropriate. Easy to understand for a "butcher" dog. As mentioned earlier, the name should be something you can repeat publicly. Although your dog may actually be a bitch, it is not fair to tell him.

Your dog's name defines the people you meet, that is what identifies your dog. You also get an identity when you name your pet after a favorite book, movie, vacation spot, meal, or entertainment. If you spend a few days with your pet before naming, the pet's own personality may be a sign of his name. The name "Digger" may be correct. The names "Thing One" and "Thing Two" would be appropriate for a pair, which was a hairless Chinese pair. A funny or sarcastic name shows people that you have a sense of humor. Chihuahua's name is believed to be the "killer" that hits him.

Before telling your child or children that they can choose a name for the family pet, make sure that you have set some basic rules. "Drunken" For 15 years you have to repeat something. A stupid name lasts forever. My son's choice for "Yukul Aloysius Hucklebak" was shortchanged to Yuki, and everyone was happy, including the dog.

The rules are very simple when naming a cat. Just give him a name that recognizes his brilliant and superior intelligence, like Cleopatra or Shakespeare. Remember, cats have no problem repeating names in public. He will ignore you anyway.