20 Oct

Puppy Grouse & Nose Fisher Price is a new computer-assisted dog that teaches young children how to properly care for their pets. It also teaches responsibility to a young child as it is their personal property, taking care of their own dog and their own child. You can find more boy dog names here.

This toy dog has a size of 14.10 "HX 12.00" WX 8.30 "L and weighs 4.15 pounds. The puppy of the big dog, his body, legs, ears and tail grow slowly every day, while the child interacts with him every day. Does and plays its programmed games. Two games involve singing songs and one is playing. Names, friend names, and personal matters about the child, such as the child's birthday, are taught.

This cute little puppy comes in a white poodle or yellow and gold retriever and comes with a CD-ROM so that it can be programmed to interact with your child. This interactive dog is an educational toy that displays values and responsibility. 

The puppy also comes with a tape measure to allow the child to grow and watch on a daily basis, as well as small brushes, bones, a puppy development card and a puppy certificate with the child's name and puppy's name. Calls out. Once the puppy reaches full size, it can be transformed into a puppy shape for more fun, love, bonding and sharing.

A happy customer who recently purchased this product for her three-year-old daughter said: "I bought this puppy through Amazon at my daughter's Christmas this year. She fell in love with a puppy named 'Bubbles'" Does and plays. 

The puppy grows in four days, he says more and more and communicates with his owner. At first we thought we had a defective puppy, because he "grew up" the first day and didn't. . On other days but on the Internet. From reading we found that if you replace the 'demo' battery provided, it will work properly. We like this toy. "

Therefore, to put on every family's shopping list, it is a Christmas toy, especially if the youngest children in their household are under six years old. It is also suitable for an only child who needs a playmate. It will continue to occupy, connect and share for hours like your child, toddler and his or her new friend, treat them like a cute dog, while the child lays around a cute little toy. This is the perfect training method for a real dog for a day as the child grows and matures to take care of an actual animal.